Important Free Tips for Buying a New Car. Steve Sell 11/09/2019

September 11, 2019

Use our Important Free Tips for Buying a New Car. 

Know what you want to buy before you arrive at the Car dealership.

 It can be a mistake to arrive at a dealership without researching the car you want to buy.

You can research any information you may want to find out online. There are reviews online. The manufacturers websites provide technical details and model specifications. Important free tips for buying a new Car. Steve Sell Loans 123 new car finance

Use our important free tips for buying a new car. As a result you will be able to improve your knowledge and be better informed when you purchase a new car. is a good place to start. Request a price on the car you wish to buy.

There are other websites that display new car pricing. will get you an obligation free new car price.

When you are considering a new car purchase check pricing and availability online.


Important free tips for buying a new Car. Steve Sell Loans 123 new car finance

Benefits of Buying a New Car

  1. Current Safety Technology

The motor vehicle industry has invested billions of dollars in making your new car safer. Manufacturers are using technology to enhance safety in new cars.

Some of the safety features that are becoming cheaper and more available and are appearing on more vehicles as standard safety equipment:

Stability control:

  • This is a system of control helps drivers to avoid accidents.
  • This achieved by reducing the danger of losing control and skidding as a result of over-steering.
  • Your car if fitted with stability control becomes active when a driver loses control of their car.

Adaptive cruise control:

  • This is like normal or standard cruise control. Adaptive cruise control maintains the vehicle’s pre-set speed but unlike your standard cruise control, for instance this new system automatically adjusts your speed so that you maintain a proper distance between vehicles ahead of you.

Lane departure warning:

  • As your car moves toward or reaches the lane markings on the road, the driver will get a warning.
  • This can be a visual alert and/or an audible tone, a vibration in the steering wheel and/or a vibration in your seat.
  • This depends on the system that has been fitted to your car.
  • This systems assumes that when your indicator is on you are intentionally crossing the lane  as a result no alert is given.

Blind spot warning:

  • Looking around to check your blind spot does not replicate the efficiency or visibility of new generation blind spot detection sensors. The new generation sensors monitor the road on either side of your car and send a visual warning in your mirror and dash if there is a vehicle in your blind spot.

Rear-view camera or Reversing Camera:

  • Every car has a blind spot when reversing.
  • Blind spots are known to  cause of a high proportion of rear collision accidents and collisions.
  • Cars that have  built-in high-resolution video cameras  fitted to the rear of more vehicles as standard are becoming more common.
  • The wide-angle camera’s display the immediate surroundings behind a vehicle and when paired with rear parking sensors sound an alert to ensure the driver is aware of any potential danger. The reversing camera has helped to reduce the amount of accidents and injuries form motorists failing to see people behind their cars.

Anti- Lock Braking:

  • Antilock braking systems also known as ABS helps prevent your wheels from locking up and skidding and this allows you to steer to safety.

Multiple airbags:

  • An airbag or correctly known as a supplementary restraint system (SRS)or supplementary inflatable restraint (SIR). The word supplementary means that the airbag has been designed to work in conjunction with seatbelts and to protect you rather than replace the. The basic idea is that the airbag inflates as soon as an impact has been detected and the car decelerates in an accident and deflates as your head or other body parts press against them. This is an important feature: If the bag didn’t deflate it would not absorb the energy created and you would bounce off. An air bag consists of a cushion, a flexible fabric bag, an inflation device or module and an impact sensor.

Traction control:

  • Traction Control systems maximise grip and the stability of the car on the road during acceleration by measuring wheel rotation. It helps to control wheel spin by reducing engine power or by temporarily applying the brakes to that wheel, this allows the car to accelerate smoothly, even on slippery surfaces.

Emergency brake assist:

  • Emergency brake assist also known as brake assistance is a term for a technology that will increase the braking pressure automatically in an emergency situation.

Tire pressure monitoring:

  • This system uses a sensor that is mounted in the wheel to measure the air pressure in each tire. When the air pressure in any tire drops 25% or more below the manufacturer’s recommended level, the sensor transmits that information to your car’s computer system and warns you via a dashboard indicator light.

Park assist or Self- parking cars:

  • Park assist, which is also known by alternative terms like active park assist.
  • This refers to an automated parking aid which utilises radar technology, cameras and sensors.
  • This allows the car to do most of the work itself when parking into a spot located either in a car park or at the side of the road.

Pedestrian detection:

  •  Auto Emergency Braking is a technology that has been developed with vehicle and pedestrian safety in mind. It has the potential to prevent a collisions  and can reduce the impact and speed of a collision.
  • This technology combines a camera  with radar to detect people in the path of the vehicle you are driving and analyses their body shape and movement characteristics.
  • Pedestrian movement is analysed relative to the direction of your vehicle and is calculated to decide if they are in danger of being hit by you.
  • AEB will alert you to a crash before it happens.
  • This gives you the chance to use the full braking capabilities of your car and can also apply your brakes independently  if the  situation becomes critical.
    It is very important to be aware that these systems are designed to support you,the driver in emergency situations and that you should pay full attention and remain responsible for the vehicle.
  • Adaptive head lights:
  • Adaptive headlights turn their beam in the direction the car is travelling and adapt to the direction of your steering>
  • This allows safer driving on curves and hills as the headlights adjust to the way the car is heading.
  • These features, that not long ago were only available on luxury cars can now be found in family cars.
  • They are now seen even in the better economy brands.

Fuel Efficiency. Follow WACARS  new car buying tips.

  1. Be Aware of Fuel Efficiency Breakthroughs.

The more fuel efficient your car is the less it will cost you in running costs. Government regulations governing fuel efficiency have strict requirements to keep improving kilometres travelled per litre of fuel.

Over the next few years you will keep seeing improvements in the fuel efficiency of larger vehicles like people movers, SUV’s, luxury cars, sports cars and recreational vehicles.

If you travel a lot in your car and do a lot of kilometres, you can balance the higher upfront cost of a new car with the long-term savings of a more efficient engine.


  1. Electric and Hybrid Alternative Energy Vehicles.

Electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles promise to dramatically reduce energy costs per kilometre driven.

For their equivalent size vehicles, the economy savings and ratings are in triple digit figures.

Electric cars aren’t the only low running cost alternative vehicles. Diesel is making a comeback. They offer very efficient kilometre per litre, especially on the highway.

Honda sells a methane-powered version of the Civic, this is popular where natural gas is cheap.

Hydrogen cars are being sold by Toyota, Hyundai, Mercedes and Honda; several other car manufacturers are working to develop hydrogen cars.

As the technology advances and production costs fall new car buyers will be able to buy more efficient and cheaper alternative energy vehicles that not only increase fuel economy but may also improve the air that we breathe.

  1.  Check the Price.

A low advertised price for a new car may have caught your attention.

Important free tips for buying a new Car. Steve Sell Loans 123 new car finance

Often the advertised price is for a base model car and you may have to pay more to get the extras you want.

Before you take your test drive, sort out the price of the car.  Often you won’t know what the price is  and the salesperson may not be willing to give you a price, let alone the best price until you have a contract in front of you and you are being asked to sign. Always ask the salesperson how long your car is licenced for. Sometimes this can be the difference between quotes. Some dealers will quote 3 months registration some 6 months and others for 12 months. It pays to check.

If you plan to trade in your current car, research market values for your trade in vehicle.

When you know the value of your trade it can be a powerful bargaining tool. The team at can get you a price on your trade.

  1.  Check Out Your Finance Options Before Going to a Dealership.

Dealership interest rates can be higher than rates obtained through your bank or a finance broker. A finance broker such as  is one of the best places to start researching car loan rates and avoid multiple enquiries on your credit file.  is a great place to start for many car buyers because they take the hassle out of the process.

Be aware that making multiple applications can damage your credit file by lowering your credit score.

You can use to get your credit report and credit score for free.

Your credit scores have a big impact on the type of loan that may qualify for and the interest rate you’ll receive.

If you are lucky enough to have a high credit score you will qualify for a lower interest rate.

Important free tips for buying a new Car. Steve Sell Loans 123 for new car finance. call 1800 100 100.

  1.  Negotiate Terms

Buying a car can be like a chess match. Each side does what it can, not to give up the advantage.

Next to buying a house, purchasing a new car is one of the biggest investments most people make.

What you decide to do now may affect you for the next 7 years depending on your loan term.

Without being aggressive let the salesperson you are dealing with known up front that you have done some research into the car you are buying and that not going to be able to overcharge you.

In dealership terms you are not a “wood duck”

Don’t be overawed when you walk into the new car dealership. Be confident, know what you should pay for the new car you have chosen and don’t feel bad about walking away if you are unhappy with how you are being treated.

  1. Agree on a Purchase Price. Do Not buy on Monthly Payments.

Most car salespeople are trained to sell on payments and will offer very attractive monthly payment to potential buyers.

Our important free tips can help you. Do not be misled by a seemingly affordable payment option. These payments are often quoted as weekly payments to make them seem less. An example of this is a payment of $100.00 per week may fit your budget. This is a payment of $430.00 per month. There are 52 weeks in a year. 4.3 weeks in a month. $100 per week x 4.3 equals $430.00 per month. The loan term this “wonderful” payment is attached to a 72-month loan, then it’s not that attractive at all.

Negotiate the  purchase price of the car, and  do not  be swayed by the monthly payment.

Be sure that the salesperson has disclosed  the total purchase price of any car that you buy.

Often there are extra hidden costs that may not be disclosed  until you sign the contract. These include state and federal government  taxes, dealer delivery costs and  fees to name a few.

  1. Use the Internet to Learn About or Even Buy the Car You Want.

Purchasing a car online is an option for you to consider.

See important free tips for buying a new Car. Steve Sell Loans 123 new car finance

A salesperson in a dealership wants to negotiate the highest price possible, as his commissions are based on the gross or net profit in the car.

Purchasing a car online can be more convenient than visiting multiple dealerships.

Many new car dealerships put new car prices online. If you decide to buy a car online, you should test drive it before you commit. You can negotiate online and sign a contract subject to:” Test drive to purchasers’ satisfaction”.

  1. Leave Your Trade in Out of the Discussions.

You should not mention your trade-in until you have agreed on a price for the new car. The reason for this that any discount you have been given the dealer will try and make up by giving you less for your trade.

Negotiate these two transactions separately. Negotiate the best price you can get for the new car you want to buy, then go to work on getting the most for your trade-in. See important free tips for buying a new Car. Steve Sell Loans 123 new car finance
  1. Factor in Insurance Costs

Insurance can be a major cost in the purchase of a new car. It always pays to get insurance premium quotes. You will need to provide information about the car’s make and model and your personal information including driving history, your age, where you live and claims history.

Some sports cars and European cars can have higher premiums and excess’s than conventional cars.

  1. Try to Avoid Spur of The Moment Buying

Do not arrive at a dealership on a whim. You should have conducted a lot research before you set foot in a dealership and buy a vehicle.

You will have plenty of time after the purchase to think about what you should have done.

By conducting some research into the type and make of car that suits you and is affordable you will be in a better position choose a  car that will last you  for many years without costly repairs. Important free tips for buying a new Car. Steve Sell Loans 123 new car finance

  1. Extended Warranty

An extended warranty is an insurance policy for your vehicle.

This is usually an extension of the new car warranty. The word “extended” is used because you are buying an additional warranty on top of the one that is offered by the manufacturer.

If you’re buying a new car, the car will come with a manufacturer’s warranty that provides coverage for your vehicle. Some manufacturers now offer up to seven years new car warranty.

You should only consider this if you are planning on keeping the car for longer than the manufacturer’s warranty period.

  1.  Always Test Drive the Car You Wish to Buy.

You should test drive the car to check that it is suitable for your needs.

As a result of driving the car you should feel comfortable.

There are some cars that you won’t feel comfortable driving or do not suit your body shape or posture.

If you drive the car with children regularly you should bring them on the test drive.

Because they must be comfortable as well as you.

If the car is not right, they will quickly let you know. However whilst your comfort is important you should check the following:

  • View: Ensure you able to see each of the mirrors, see out the windows and have a clear view of the dashboard gauges and any navigation aids.
  • Controls: Sit in the driver’s seat and use the indicators, reach for the air conditioning and windshield wipers. Make sure that everything is easy to use.
  • Some people find that some of the controls and gauges are hard to use or see clearly.
  1. Why buy a car towards the end of the month?.
  • You never know if the dealer needs one more deal to reach a bonus or trip.
  • The salesperson may need one more deal to get to his sales bonus, as a result you may get a better deal than at any other time.
  • Another good time to buy is at the end of the financial year . There are often great deals to be had.
  • January and early in the year when dealers are trying to move the previous years cars.
  • Important free tips for buying a new Car. Steve Sell Loans 123 new car finance

In Summary.

Buying a new car is a major purchase for most people. It is important to research each aspect of the process.

You can educate yourself  using our important free tips for buying a new Car. Steve Sell Loans 123 new car finance and as a result you will be better prepared when you start to negotiate.

This ensures you are well prepared and confident about getting the best deal possible on a new car.