Electric Utes are Coming to Australia.

July 10, 2020

Steve Sell www.wacars.com.au 02/07/2020

Electric utes are coming to Australia.

There are several exciting new and radically styled electric utes that are currently close to production.

Some are being developed or prototypes being tested by a range of new and established manufacturers.

Below are some of the Electric utes are coming to Australia.

Tesla has the radically styled and super-fast Cybertruck.

Ford has designed an electric version of the top selling F150

General Motors has produced an electric version of the GMC Hummer

Rivian has the all new R1T

ACE has the YEWT built in Australia

Bollinger has the B2

Lordstown has the ENDURANCE

Nikola Motors has the BADGER

Start Ups and Established Players.

There numerous start-ups working on electric and/or hybrid offerings with more eco-friendly options.

Start-ups like Fisker and Australia’s own ACE are challenging the established heavyweights like GMC and Chevrolet in the electric ute race.

While the ACE YEWT won’t break any performance records it is a very cheap to run and a useful around town delivery vehicle for light deliveries.

Here are 8 electric utes that may be on their way to Australia in 2021/2022.

Tesla Cybertruck. Leading the Charge.


Alt="blue Tesla Cyber Truck">

Of the electric utes coming to Australia the Tesla Cyber Truck is one of the most exciting.

The Tesla Cybertruck is a radically styled all-electric, battery-powered, light commercial/sports ute built by Tesla.

The Cybertruck features a self-levelling suspension, this helps to evenly distribute weight and maintain a constant ride height regardless of the weight of the load.

This is a great safety feature as most of the braking is done by the front wheels/brakes and if there is a heavy weight in the back of the vehicle this will take weight off the front and affect the braking ability and aerodynamic properties of the vehicle.

Self-levelling suspension helps to solve these issues.

Bullet Proof

The Cybertruck is literally bullet proof.

Bullet proof takes on a whole new meaning when the car you are driving can stop a 9 mm bullet. Tesla has built the Cybertruck to be highly durable and made of the same stainless-steel alloy that Space X uses for its Starship spaceship.

Tesla has confirmed that the Cybertruck will use high quality 300 series stainless steel.

The stainless alloy is corrosion resistant, strong, and more affordable than traditional manufacturing methods.

Tesla Cybertruck. Coming to Australia.

alt="SpaceX stainless steel rocket">

SpaceX rocket. Photo courtesy of 123rf

Rocket Like Performance. On and Off Road.

This is a highly versatile, very capable high-performance ute both on and off road-road.

Three models have been announced, with range estimates of 400–800 KLM and an estimated 0–100 KLMH time of 2.9–6.5 seconds, depending on the model.

Goes like a rocket does not only apply to the Cybertrucks performance figures, the Tesla Cybertruck is made from the same stainless-steel alloy that Space X uses for its Starship spaceship.

Unfortunately, the Tesla Cybertruck is not likely to be available in Australia before late 2021or early 2022.


The Cybertruck is likely to be priced from AUD $101,000.00 plus on road costs and taxes and ranging up to AU$150,000.00 plus on road cost and taxes.

The Tesla Cybertruck has been designed to have the utility and convenience of a pickup truck/ute combined with high end super car performance.

The Tesla Cybertruck is all-electric, battery-powered, light commercial vehicle that has great looks, excellent range, and extraordinary performance.

Ford F 150 EV

alt="Ford F150 EV disguised styling">

Ford have provided very few details of the F150 EV.

The F150 or “F truck” is the top-selling vehicle in the US and will soon have an electric version.

Ford are promising a plug-in version that could be available as early as mid-2022.

Ford has released a video on you tube of the F-150 Electric prototype towing 10 fully loaded train cargo carriages.

The styling appears to be very similar to the existing F truck.

One difference being a place to plug in the electric cord and a slightly higher ride height so that the batteries fit underneath the cab.

The electric F150 truck is reported to be AWD and is predicted to be the quickest F-150 ever manufactured by Ford.

Electric motors provide large amounts of usable power, both torque and Kilowatts.

Ford have not released performance figures or release dates yet.

See more about Electric Utes are Coming to Australia.

General Motors, GMC Hummer

alt="GMC Hummer EV truck">

Photo Courtesy GMC. GMC Hummer EV

GM (General Motors) have confirmed that they have been developing an electric pickup truck/ute.

GMC will use the new electric ute to revive the Hummer brand and will have impressive performance and towing figures.

The company has said that they expect the Hummer will deliver 746kW (1000 Horsepower).

GM have stated that the Hummer will be able to reach 0-100 KMH in roughly 3 seconds.

Superfast Performance.

To put this in perspective, Super cars that reach this milestone include Mercedes AMG GT S, Porsche Carrera S, Porsche 911 Turbo, McLaren 12C,Ferrari F12 tdf, Ferrari 812 superfast, Corvette Z06 all light weight, limited edition sports cars costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

GM has revealed its super truck would feature removable roof panels to provide an open-air experience.

The company maintains that the truck is still on track for release in mid to late 2021.

The targetted range is likely to target at least a 500 klm range for the top model of the Hummer EV.

The Models available will range from a basic work-truck model and are likely to include an off-road version with more off-road capability.

GM have not revealed how many models Hummer will offer in the way of cabs and bed lengths.

A crew-cab model is nearly certain, and it is possible that the Hummer EV will have fewer overall combinations than its petrol-powered models, the Silverado and Sierra pickups.

Decoding Electric Vehicles Steve Sell 18/02/2020

Rivian R1T

alt=Rivian R1T in the forest">

Rivian is a US-based electric vehicle start-up. Rivian is seen as a major disruptor in the electric vehicle space.

Ford and Amazon have invested over a Billion dollars in the start-up.

Rivians top of the range vehicle is the R1T, an electric dual cab ute. Prices are predicted to start at AU$110,000 plus on road costs and taxes.

The Rivian R1T is expected to be released in the US in late 2020/early 2021.

Rivian plans to bring its electric ute to Australia by mid-2022.

Quad Motors

The Rivian will feature quad motors

The ability to send instant power independently to each wheel results in amazing traction even in the most demanding conditions.

Combined with a low centre of gravity and an even distribution of weight between the wheels, results in the R1T being very stable at speed and having great cornering ability.

For the gear that never seems to fit anywhere, an extra 12 cubic feet of lockable storage keeps your equipment safe and secure.

A full-size spare tire is stored beneath the truck bed.

Even though the Rivian is 5.5-metres long and weighs 2.6 tonnes, the dual-cab truck pick-up can reach 100km/h in around three seconds while being able to deliver a range of between 370km and 650km.

The R1T features adjustable air suspension that can be adjusted to rise as much as 360mm.

This enables the R1t to wade in up to a metre of water.

Limited Payload.

One downside when compared to its competitors is the ute’s payload is limited to 800kg.

Towing capacity makes up for that as Rivian claims the R1T will be capable of towing up to 5000kg.

As well as boasting awesome off-road capabilities, on road Rivian claims that when it goes on sale the R1T will come with Level 3 autonomous driving aids that include hands-off and eyes off-road capabilities.

To charge it, Rivian says it is working on a new 160kW fast-charging station, but each truck comes with a 11kW on-board charger. Rivian states a charging time of around 30 minutes to give 320 km range using the 160-kw charger.

ACE Yewt

alt="Australian made ACE Yewt small delivery vehicle">

An Australian made electric ute is being produced called the Yewt. Initially a single cab. From ACE EV Group.

ACE are developing a range of electric utes, Vans, and cars in Australia.

ACE are targeting a late 2020 early 2021 release date for the Yewt.

The Yewt boasts a range of up to 200km. (with a partial load), acceleration figures of 0-50km/h in under 7.0 seconds.

With a maximum pay load of 500kg makes the YEWT a great choice for:
·        Home nurses,
·        Pathology transport
·        Government agencies
·        Florists
·        news agencies
·        Catering companies
·        Aged care providers
·        Caterers
Max output of 45kW (60 hp) and 174Nm ensure great economy and very low running costs.

They will be priced around the AUD $40,000 mark.

ACE Claims These Key benefits:

 Australian made electric commercial vehicle

  • A range on one charge 150 – 200km depending on load.
  • Lower fleet greenhouse emissions by over 70%*
  • Home charging period – maximum 8 hours
  • Lower running costs by up to 85%*
  • 0-50km/h acceleration in under 7sec
  • Maximum speed 100km/h
  • Maximum pay load 500kg

ACE claim the all-electric Yewt is so energy efficient that it can lower your running costs by up to 85%.

Lower your fleet greenhouse emissions by over 70% and have minimal impact on the environment.

Bollinger B2

alt="Retro Styled Bollinger B2 EV'>

Photo Courtesy of Bollinger Motors

Details on its pricing and release are unclear at this stage.

New York-based start-up, Bollinger Motors has released details of the new electric ute, the B2, it is a retro inspired design with a modern drivetrain.

Bollinger say their mission is to build trucks in the US, and to make a positive impact globally.

Bollinger say that they are making a high-quality electric truck with the body design inspired by the original Land Rover Defender.

The B2 prototype measures 5.27m from tip to tail with its electric motor capable of delivering 458kW or over 620 hp and 906Nm of torque.

Bollinger will also offer a Cab Chassis version of the B2 that has a quoted payload of 2268kg.


The all-electric 2021 Bollinger B2 looks tough and a throwback to industrial vehicles but puts traditional pickup trucks on notice thanks to its impressive capacities and incredible versatility.

Its battery supports fast-charging capability and is estimated to provide a driving range of 320 kilometres. The B2 also boasts foldable and removable body panels.

Every B2 features all-wheel drive made possible by two electric motors, one mounted at the front and the other mounted at the rear.

Together they generate 614 horsepower and 668 lb-ft of torque; Bollinger claims they will propel the B2 from zero to 100 kmh in 4.5 seconds and enable an estimated top speed of 160 kmh.

Bollinger has said the pickup truck will have a two-speed transfer case with high and low ranges for greater off-road capability.

The B2 will come with a variable ground clearance system that allows lift that ranges from 25 to 50 centimetres.

The B2 electric pickup has a maximum tow capacity of 3400 kilos (3.4 Tonnes) and a claimed max payload of 2.2 Tonnes.


The B2 is highly Versatile. The functional cab in the Bollinger B2 pickup shows that it is all about work and function.

A defining feature is an interior that allows cargo up to 4.8 metres (16 feet) to be carried. This can be done by utilising the long pass through its centre. The cab features a fold-away rear wall.

Lordstown Endurance

alt="Lordstoen Endurance EV ">


The fully electric 2021 Lordstown Endurance dual-cab ute features an individual electric motor on each of its four wheels.

Lordstown state that the Endurance has the fewest moving parts of any production vehicle.

This results in mostly eliminating mechanical fatigue and significantly reducing maintenance costs.

Some specifications that the company has released about the Endurance electric pickup.

Power is listed as 447kW or 600 horsepower from the in-hub electric motors, and a 400-kilometre range (based on the EPA standard) is claimed.

The Endurance will reach 0-100km/h in roughly five-and-a-half seconds.

The factory warranty is 3-years bumper-to-bumper on body and drive train 8-years for the battery.

Updates and fault monitoring will be made via software using over the air (OTA)

The Endurance will seat 5 people.

The 2021 Lordstown Endurance is an Electric Utes are Coming to Australia.

is available to pre-order in America for US$52,500 (AU$76,300),

Nikola Badger.

Electric Utes are Coming to Australia.

alt="Nikola Badger superfast ute">

Nikola Motors in the US is developing a hydrogen and battery-powered ute with up to 675kW/905 horsepower and 965km of range.

Nikola promises a claimed 0-100 KMH time of 2.9 seconds and a towing capacity of roughly 3628kg.

Blending a lithium-ion battery pack with a hydrogen fuel cell, the Nikola Badger is slated for a late 2020/early 2021 international reveal.

Electric truck designer Nikola is challenging other electric truck makers with the 965-kilometre range of the Badger EV pickup.

Nikola have said that the Badger will challenge the likes of GMC’s Hummer EV, and Tesla‘s Cybertruck.

If you weren’t aware of Nikola, they are an electric vehicle design company that has been involved in developing eco-friendly heavy haulage trucks.

This is another example of the awesome Electric Utes are Coming to Australia.

Awesome Performance.

Nikola claims the Badger will reach 100 kmh in under 3 seconds and will generate 905 horsepower, and 980 ft lbs of torque.  What’s more, it will allegedly have a range of 600 miles (966 km).

To achieve that impressive figure and class leading range, the Badger will be an electric-fuel cell hybrid.

It claims it will be able to drive 482 klm’s on pure battery power, but that range can be doubled when using the vehicle’s hydrogen fuel cell.

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Hybrid Electric/Hydrogen

Hydrogen is seen as a clean alternative to petrol and diesel.

A hydrogen fuel cell undergoes a chemical reaction to produce electricity, this is then used to drive the electric motors.

Water is the only waste product.

It can take just a few minutes to refill a hydrogen car and totally replenish its range if you find a Hydrogen refuelling station.

Nikola plans to install 700 hydrogen filling stations across North America.

Much like Tesla and its supercharger network, this could turn out to be a vital strategic move.

Australian Hydrogen Refuelling Stations.

There are plans for Hydrogen refuelling stations to be rolled out throughout Australia most of these projects are in conjunction with local and state governments.

Refuelling stations will soon go live in Western Australia, Western Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, and Melbourne.

Sydney has a Hydrogen refuelling station behind Hyundai’s head office for its own use.

Canberra will have a Hydrogen refuelling station operational by August 2020.

The estimated performance and range figures are certainly exciting, but how close they will be to real-world figures remains to be seen.

alt='Interior of Nikola Badger hybrid">