Care is Needed When Driving in Western Australia.

July 15, 2020

Care is Needed When Driving in Western Australia. Steve Sell 15/07/2020 Western Australia is renowned for its vast open spaces, dramatic landscapes, remote (a long way between stops) wilderness, inland and coastal beauty. But care is needed when driving in Western Australia. Map of Western Europe. Perspective on size of Western Australia. Western Australia is bigger than all Western Europe. Driving on Western Australian roads may be very different to any road you may have driven...

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Electric Utes are Coming to Australia.

July 10, 2020

Steve Sell 02/07/2020 Electric utes are coming to Australia. There are several exciting new and radically styled electric utes that are currently close to production. Some are being developed or prototypes being tested by a range of new and established manufacturers. Below are some of the Electric utes are coming to Australia. Tesla has the radically styled and super-fast Cybertruck. Ford has designed an electric version of the top selling F150 General Motors has...

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Tesla Cybertruck. Coming to Australia.

July 3, 2020

Tesla Cybertruck coming to Australia late 2021/early 2022 Photo Courtesy of Tesla Inc. The Tesla Cybertruck is coming to Australia. Radical Styling Tesla Cybertruck is a radically styled all-electric, battery-powered, light commercial/sports ute built by Tesla. The Cybertruck features a self levelling suspension, this helps to evenly distibute weight and maintain a constant ride height regardless of the weight of the load. This is a great safety feature as most of the braking is done...

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New 2021 Toyota Hilux

June 23, 2020

The All New 2021 Toyota Hilux. Steve Sell 23/06/2020 According to a dealer bulletin sent to the Toyota Dealer network the new 2021 Toyota Hilux will have a list of changes. These changes go well beyond a cosmetic face lift. The changes amount to the biggest update and modernisation of the Toyota Hilux since 2015. The 2021 Toyota Hilux front end is more prominent and aggressive.   The more upmarket models have LED taillights, an...

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MG Attracting Attention for the Right Reasons.

May 12, 2020

MG Attracting Attention for the Right Reasons.  Steve Sell 08/05/20 An exciting range of models and exceptional build quality will ensure MG continues to increase market share.  Market Share. MG is gaining a lot of positive attention in the Australian new car market. Sales were up in April 2020 by 1.5%, one of only two manufacturers to increase sales in April. Sales are up a huge 75% year on year. April 2019 to April 2020....

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Toyota Leads New Car Sales Again.

May 7, 2020

Toyota Leads New Car Sales Again. April 2020. Steve Sell 05/07/2020 According to the latest VFACTS figures for April Toyota Leads New Car Sales Again. If you have been wondering what the VFACTS acronym stands for, here it is (Vendor Field Analytical and Characterization Technologies System.) it is the system used as the official measure or record of new car sales in Australia. Pressure on Motor Dealers. New car sales fell by nearly 50% in...

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12 Tips to Help you Get Ahead Financially

April 22, 2020

12 Tips to Help You Get Ahead Financially. 22/04/20202   Steve Sell The old saying “money won’t make you happy” maybe true, the lack of money can certainly make you feel stressed and unhappy. Try our 12 Tips to Help.     Here are 12 Tips to Help You Through These Tough Times. We are now going through unprecedented times that none of us ever planned for and making the right financial decisions in this environment...

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Quality Car Repairs

March 31, 2020

Steve Sell and ABS Midland 31/03/2020 ABS MIDLAND is renowned for Quality Car Repairs, it is a family-owned and operated business with a passion for providing the best customer service. Not confined to Midland ABS cater to suburbs that include Midvale, Bassendean, Caversham, Hazelmere, Morley, Malaga, Bellevue, Helena Valley, Swan View, Viveash, High Wycombe, Maida Vale, Guildford, Greenmount, Boya and Swan Valley. ABS give you professional care for your vehicle, so that have peace of...

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10 Tips: Get Your Car Finance Pre-Approved.

February 28, 2020

Arrange your car finance before you buy a car. Steve Sell 28/02/20 You will know exactly how much you have to spend, and the age of car required.     10 Tips When Choosing Your Car Finance. Car finance is an important part of the car buying process. It’s important to understand your credit situation before determining if you can get car finance. 2. How much you can afford, as a payment and the total...

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General Motors Kills Holden. A Sad Day for Holden Fans.

February 24, 2020

GM Closes Holden. Steve Sell 20/02/2020 General Motors kills Holden. After announcing on 17 February that GM would be closing Holden and pulling out of Australia, Holden Dealers have been hit with another blow. A  dealer bulletin issued on 19 February 2020 listed huge discounts to clear remaining Holden stock. You may think that this is a good thing. This follows General Motors Announcement, two days (17/02/2020) earlier that they will be killing off the...

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