Battle of the Dual Cabs. Who Wins? Hi Lux or Triton

January 11, 2020

Toyota Hi Lux leads the way in Australia and especially in Western Australia.

Trying to compete against the mighty Hi Lux is tough. But the Misubishi Triton is fighting back.

By numbers alone the Hi Lux is number one selling vehicle in Australia for 2019 with 47,649 Hi Lux sold.

That is the bestselling vehicle overall not just the bestselling SUV/Ute.

In Contrast the rapidly improving Triton sold 25,378 units.

The Ute particularly the dual cab has become the to go to vehicle for families, tradies and recreational users.

Triton and Hi Lux Dual Cab Range Has Broad Appeal                                    

The dual cab has broad appeal, and this is reflected in the Vfacts sales figures for 2019. The top selling vehicles over all were Hi Lux,1, Ranger 2, Toyota Corolla 3, Hyundai I30 4. and Triton 5.

Check for a huge range of Toyota Hi Lux and Mitsubishi Triton models as well as a great selection of dual cab utes from other manufacturers..

The Hi Lux has a well-earned reputation for reliability, toughness and being able to get the job done.

This explains why the Hi Lux was the bestselling vehicle in Australia.

Strength and reliability combined with the best advertising and marketing campaigns in the motor industry make Toyota and Hi lux, market leaders.

The Hi Lux also sells a more powerful 2.8-litre diesel that produces 130kw @ 3400 rpm.


Gear Box.

Diesel Tritons come with a six-speed automatic or manual gear box.

The Hi Lux has the well proven and nearly bullet proof five-speed manual and a six-speed automatic on its 2.4-litre diesel.

The Triton has lower towing capacity.

Toyota promotes the Hi Lux (some models) can tow 3,500kg.

The Triton is limited to 3,100kg.

Competing in this SUV dual cab ute class the ability to be able to tow 3.5-tonnes is the benchmark.


Toyota Hi Lux


 The Hi Lux cost per service is cheaper.

Toyota promote a low $240 per service for Hi Lux.

Triton will cost $299 per service at a Mitsubishi dealer.

The Hi Lux has 6 monthly service intervals and over 3 years the total servicing cost for the Hi Lux will be higher due to the shorter servicing intervals.


  • Resale value.

We spoke to several used car valuers and wholesalers, they unanimously agreed that Hi Lux retains a higher resale value than the Triton.

There is pent up demand for all hi lux models across the price and age spectrum.

Red Book also confirm higher retained values for Hi Lux.



Toughness, reliability, bullet proof, strong resale add up to Toyota Hi Lux.

For some people, having the Hi Lux (Toyota badge) gives them the image and name they desire.

Triton is the rapidly improving brand in this segment.


Which dual cab is best, Toyota Hi Lux or Mitsubishi Triton?

The Triton is a great vehicle and has improved greatly.

It is catching or even passing the triton in some areas like tech gadgets, styling and competitive pricing but it is still not a Hi Lux.

The Triton offers lots of safety and tech features that the Hi Lux doesn’t and has the full time all-wheel-drive system.

However, it’s hard to fault the Hi Lux, which routinely tops the overall new car sales figures each month.

It is extremely well made, does everything well and has a very few cons.

A Hi Lux, has better retained value, they hold value better than the Triton.

There are pros and cons for both models. It also depends on how you use your dual cab.

My winner is the Hi Lux.

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  • Engine Choice.


  • The Toyota Hi Lux comes with three engine sizes.


  • 4l Turbo diesel


  • 7 l Fuel Injected Petrol


  • 8l Turbo diesel.


  • In the Triton, Mitsubishi only offers two engines, a 2.4-litre petrol and a 2.4-litre turbo diesel.


Hi Lux, has a part time 4×4 system.

Triton has full-time 4WD.

Only the entry level work mate does not have a diff lock.

All the other Hi Lux models have a rear diff lock.

This can be essential when driving in mud and slippery off-road conditions.

Only the GLS Triton dual cab gets one.

2020 may see more Triton models come with rear diff lock.


Turning Circle.

The Hi Lux has a wider turning radius or circle.

Hi Lux, takes 12.8 metres, the Triton only 11.8 metres.

In carparks and tight spaces this could be the difference between frequent car park bingles.




Pros Cons
Good value for money Limited leg room in the rear


Shorter turning circle. Towing performance
More Technology than Hi Lux. Flat looking interior
The 4WD system Lower retained value.

Not as rugged.

Safety features


Longer warranty.

7 years 150,000 kilometres.


Clean modern styling.


More power and torque.






Toyota Hi Lux.



Built rugged and tough.


Well proven history of reliability.

No Apple CarPlay or Android


More frequent service intervals.

6 Months 10,000km

Good off road and in tough conditions.
Huge model range Limited equipment for the


High retained resale values Outdated infotainment system
2.8-litre diesel option

Toyota badge

5-year unlimited klm warranty


Better storage options and drink bottle holders.

Hard ride. Feels the bumps.